Why we are unique

Why we are unique

We are a savings program

Micro financing does not work in Cambodia.   The spiritual aspect of unpaid debt often causes feelings of deep depression because, as Buddhists, they believe if they die in debt they will be reincarnated in a lower life form.  Without this program, families must hide their savings in the form of cash, which can be easily lost and stolen.

Time limited involvement with each family

Tabitha’s relationship with a family will last for 5-7 years. This is long enough to allow families to break the cycle of poverty and graduate to complete financial independence. Families move from poverty to a middle class rural Cambodian lifestyle.

Low administration costs

Only 2% of the funds raised in Canada are used for Canadian administration because we are volunteer-run. All the rest is sent to Cambodia.

Cambodians working with Cambodians

We hire locals to make changes from the ground up.  They know what works within their own culture.http://tabitha.ca/why-we-are-unique/