October 2016 update on Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital

Dear friends and partners,

 Did you know that October is Breast Cancer awareness month? You and I live with so many blessings – so many choices – and we have these blessings because people before us fought for these privileges (rights-as some would say). Today I want to ask each of you to claim this privilege and get a mammogram done – or get your spouse, mother, auntie, and daughter to get it done. You see, the thing about breast cancer is this – the earlier we detect – the greater the chances of survival. People before us and our close ones now, believe that each of us is beautiful and precious – worthy of making this choice.
I live in a country where that choice is not available to the ordinary woman of Cambodia. Like us, they also worry about their health issues- the most personal ones such as breast cancer are causes of great shame- the thought is that the woman must be bad – somehow she deserves this affliction. This is no truer than it is for any of us. I am making a personal plea that you love yourself enough to have a mammogram and that you may love a woman here enough to make her chances of a mammogram possible by donating to our women’s hospital Nokor Tep. Today, you and I have the opportunity to be pioneers for the millions of women in Cambodia.The past two months our medical advisors and us have met every Wednesday night for three hours – laying out the patient flow and spaces within the hospital. I am so proud of our vision – a safe haven for women where they will be treated with dignity and respect.

We are developing an equipment list –I can tell you that there is now available equipment that would make diagnosis and treatment efficient and effective while maintaining the dignity of women – personally – I get so excited about what we will be able to do – that sometimes I feel I can’t wait another day. It’s like waiting for a Christmas present – faith in getting one – but patience in having to wait until the right time. ( This list will be available on our web site by end of October.)
I thank my God for the Grace He surrounds me with – I am a breast cancer survivor because of the privilege of treatment – – I praise my God that each of you have the same choice – I plead with my God that this same privilege will become a reality for the women of Cambodia. How good that would be!
Janne Ritskes

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