January 2016 Nokor Tep Update

January 19, 2016

Dear friends and partners,

Happy New Years to all of you. It is an exciting start to the year for 2016 – why you may ask – because my sister and her husband have been here since December 29 and have taken photos up until yesterday of the hospital progress. It is made into a short progress video –

What did they see in these three weeks: the construction of 2 large septic tanks; the construction of another 10% of the third floor and then the pouring of that section: they saw the beginnings of the next section to be poured; they saw our new road in front of the hospital to the main road, they saw a new toilet block being built and they saw the preparation of the road around the hospital.

I have a vision – a vision to complete the hospital construction by the end of 2016.  Peter Emmerson from Nokor Tep Australia has made a schedule of how this should happen. I love it because Nokor Tep Australia believes in us – as do all of you.

August 2013
Construction commenced– site excavation , Foundations etc

March 2014
Basement commences

October 2014
Basement floor completed ,First floor construction commences

August 2015
Second floor construction commences

December 2015
Basement ,Ground Floor , First floor , Second floor – 100% complete
Third  floor construction commences

April 2016
Third floor – complete by Khmer New Year

June 2016
Fourth floors, the roof wings & the roof – complete

September 2016
Bricking the outside walls
Finalizing the entrance ramp
Installing the stairways & elevator shifts.
Building Structure complete

October 2016
Internal fit-out commences

In anticipation that all funds will come in time to complete this – our 5th Annual Walkathon will be held in Cambodia on January 30th.  Nokor Tep Australia will join us on that day with Walkathons being held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth – how exciting is that! We have set a lofty goal – to raise $200,000 USD with this event.

I invite all of you to join with us – make your own walk on that day and donate what you can. If that is not possible then sponsor a Cambodian worker or my daughter Miriam in her walk.

I have a vision – a vision that all of us together can make this happen. I thank my God for the gift of miracles – for the gift of each of you. How good that is!


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