Information for Team Leaders

House-building continues to expand and grow. First, could you please confirm your dates with Tabitha Cambodia and Tabitha Foundation Canada – also, if possible confirm the number of houses your team will build. This is very important as there are certain times of the year when the number of teams and houses are very high.

Confirmation and booking of house building dates and number of houses built must be done 6 months before hand – 3 months at the shortest. The minimum number of houses per team is 10.

No house building teams may come between December 15th and January 15th as this is our annual holidays.

No house building teams will be accepted during the week in April which is Khmer New Years, the week of Pchum Ban in October nor the week of Water Festival in November.

We need to have complete itineraries of all teams 6 weeks in advance of your trip – even if you are booking your own hotels – we do have need of this information. We have a number of teams in country most times – this helps us to know where you are and how to find you. We will arrange for teams to be met and picked up at the airports when requested.

Cancellation policy: Tabitha needs notification at least 3 months in advance and prior to funds being forwarded. Once funds are received by Tabitha, they cannot be refunded.


The cost of a house is US $1650.  Money raised in Canadian Dollars should be equivalent depending on the exchange rate two months prior to the build.

We need the funds a minimum of 8 weeks before the team arrives – preferably 2 months in advance – we need to buy materials and move them. This takes about 8 weeks.

Reason for payment up front is a simple one – we are now building an average of 50 houses per month – some months its over 100 houses – Tabitha does not have the financial ability to pay for these materials up front – we are limited by our capital.

Please ensure your team members are aware of their fundraising commitment. If you are unable to make this commitment, please re-consider your plans. Once funds are received they cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Construction begins several weeks prior to your teams’ arrival.


Teams are responsible for making their own hotel and internal flight arrangements.

Orientation is mandatory for all teams – please plan your trip to have this before house building. Orientation is done in Phnom Penh.

Orientation is followed by a mandatory visit to Toul Sleng and the Killing Fields so that each participant is well aware of the realities of the Cambodians they meet.

This means that all teams must book their house building portion of their visit to Cambodia to begin in Phnom Penh. If a team is building in other provinces, they must be aware that it begins in Phnom Penh.

For team members who refuse to participate in this – they should not be a part of your team – it’s not about them – it’s about the people here. The beginning of truly helping someone begins with understanding the background of the people being helped.

Having said that – we do have need for special teams to build in special areas. This would require a couple of travel days and some area are extremely difficult to get to – you will stay in the closet provincial town nearest the work site. if you team is willing to do this please do let me know.  The areas are as follows:

Kampot – towards the beach -1 day travel time
Svay Rieng – near Vietnam border – 1 day travel time
Kompong Thom – half way to Siem Reap
Banteay Meanchaey – long trip – afterwards you can go to Siem Reap by road
If your team would be willing to build in these areas – I would ask for a minimum of 10 houses – very poor areas and in great need of teams.

No team members may buy or use drugs while under the auspices of Tabitha House building. If a team member uses drugs – the team leader will be required to insure that that person is removed from the team and from the hotels where teams are staying. Under severe drug abuse – the individual will be reported to the police. (Be mindful that excess drunkenness is also not advised)

Under no circumstances, may any member of a team involve in the procurement of a prostitute or engage a young lady in their rooms while under the auspices of Tabitha house building. Hotels will phone Tabitha to inform of such abuses and ask that individual to leave their hotel. That person must be removed from the team by the team leader.

No team member involved in sexual activity with a Cambodian may come to any Tabitha staff for the express purpose of asking Tabitha to now take care of that person when the team member has finished using them.

Any team member requesting the aid of Tabitha personnel to procure sex or drugs – will be expelled from the team on the spot.

No Tabitha staff desires to be a part of going to night clubs – please don’t ask.

Note: I have been told by offenders that they can do as they please while in Cambodia. That part is true, they can do as they please while in Cambodia but they cannot do what they please under Tabitha House building. House building is not a right – it is a privilege – please make sure all your team members are aware of these rules – BEFORE they come.

#239, St 51,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Ph: 023-721-238

Yolanda Henry
Chair, Tabitha Foundation Canada