Cottage Industry

DSCN4165Tabitha trains and employs women and families to produce exquisite, hand-woven silk products that are sold at Tabitha’s shop in Phnom Penh and by Tabitha’s volunteer foundations in Canada, the US, the UK, Singapore and Australia. To date, training from Tabitha has enabled Cambodians to develop the skills they need to earn a decent living and work their way out of poverty.

DSCN0673Tabitha employs sewers from displaced and squatter communities in and around Phnom Penh who manufacture a range of silk craft and home wares products.

The majority of these women are ex street women – women who have been sold into the sex trade when they were young. For many, the contracting of AIDS and STDs had been a heavy price to pay.DSCN4163

Tabitha is a caring employer.  The workers themselves decide how many pieces they would like to make and how much income they would like to earn. For many it becomes their primary source of income.  In a community where the need exists, Tabitha forms a group of workers and buys the raw materials. Each group selects their own supervisor who picks up materials, returns finished goods, records work done and checks for quality.  Once a week the entire group gathers in one of their homes to connect with each other, discuss issues, learn new procedures and receive payment for finished goods.

The silk reflects the inner beauty of these women.  It allows them to work with dignity and pride. It allows them to produce goods of great beauty that can be sold all over the world.

In Canada, silk products are sold at home sales, churches, offices, schools. Anywhere someone is willing to organize a gathering.  To learn more about hosting a sale, please contact us.  Or shop online at